AP Spanish Language & Culture

  • Course Description
    • The AP Spanish Language and Culture course emphasizes communication (understanding and being understood by others) by applying interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational skills in real-life situations. This includes vocabulary usage, language control, communication strategies, and cultural awareness. The AP Spanish Language and Culture course strives not to overemphasize grammatical accuracy at the expense of communication. To best facilitate the study of language and culture, the course is taught almost exclusively in Spanish. The AP Spanish Language and Culture course engages students in an exploration of culture in both contemporary and historical contexts. The course develops students’ awareness and appreciation of cultural products (e.g., tools, books, music, laws, conventions, institutions); practices (patterns of social interactions within a culture); and perspectives (values, attitudes, and assumptions).
  • College Course Equivalent
    • The AP Spanish Language and Culture Course is approximately equivalent to an upper-intermediate college or university course in Spanish language and culture.
  • Prerequisites
    • There are no prerequisites; however, students are typically in their fourth year of high school-level Spanish language study. In the case of native or heritage speakers, there may be a different pathway of study leading to this course.

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